We get some pretty popular questions about Beta Alpha Psi and membership requirements. So, answers to the most recurring ones will be posted here.

What if I have class or work during meetings or technical dates? I’m worried I won’t be able to meet the participation requirements.

Don’t worry! School and work comes first. If you have a schedule conflict, just let us know, and we will work something out with you. You may be able to resolve it by doing some extra tutoring hours, community service, or VITA hours.

Is Beta Alpha Psi only for accounting students?

Nope! We are open to finance and MIS majors as well. Many of the firms that recruit from Beta Alpha Psi have departments that need finance or MIS students.

Is Beta Alpha Psi a fraternity?

We’re an honor organization! We don’t rush. We don’t haze. No pledging. We just ask for your commitment to further your professional development.

Is there a dress code for technicals and general body meetings?

Yes, there is. We expect all candidates and members to be in proper business casual attire for technicals. If you are not properly dressed, we will kindly ask you to leave. The people we are meeting with are professionals, and they deserve our respect. Make sure you keep up Beta Alpha Psi’s good reputation by not only dressing appropriately, but also acting appropriately. For general body meetings, we wear smart casual! This is new due to the increase in firms doing “dress for your day”.

What is the main difference between Beta Alpha Psi and UBAA?

We are an international organization. Our network reach is extensive, and our alumni base is huge! Requirements to join Beta Alpha Psi are also a bit more intensive, so it better shows that you can manage your school and extra curricular schedules well.