Financial Literacy

In February 2014, five students took the initiative to start our chapter’s financial literacy program called, “Funding Your Freedom”.  The team created an on campus seminar for students to attend to learn about financial planning.  Then, starting in November 2014, another team of five students expanded the program to include a workshop for prospective students and presentations in the community.  The main focus of our initiative is to continuously raise awareness among high school/college students and community members in understanding and improving their personal finances.  We aim to spread the message and amplify the impact of our initiative so that we can help our community to foster stronger leadership in financial planning.

Below are some of the documents used in planning our chapter’s financial literacy events and workshops.  Please feel free to use these documents as a guide while implementing a financial literacy program in your own chapter!

Funding Your Freedom Presentation Outline

Funding Your Freedom PowerPoint

Coffee Savings Fun Facts Worksheet

Credit Card Fun Facts Worksheet

Educational Value Fun Facts Worksheet