Tutoring Requirements

All candidates & members of junior, senior or graduate standing are required to complete 6 hours of tutoring per semester to remain in good standing. Instructions to complete tutoring hours are as follows:

  1. Sign up for tutoring hours.
    • Log in to the “Candidates & Members” tab of the website with the information found in the e-mail you received about tutoring & attendance
    • Click on the link that says “CLICK HERE FOR TUTORING SIGN-UP”
    • Log in with your UBIT name and password
    • Put your name in 6 cells corresponding with the hours you will tutor via Google Hangouts
  2. Complete your tutoring hours
    • Copy and paste the following link in a new tab
    • Click on the conversation, “Beta Alpha Psi – Tutoring”
    • In the history chat, click on the video link in the upper left hand corner
    • A Google Hangout video should be created
    • Begin tutoring session
  3.  After your tutoring hours
    • Leave the call by pressing the red phone icon
    • Under the conversations window, right click on “Beta Alpha Psi – Tutoring”
    • Click leave conversation
    • You must leave the conversation so that you do not receive any calls while you are not tutoring

Important Notes:

  • If you cannot make it to your tutoring hours, delete them from the Google Sheet immediately so someone else may have those hours. For every hour you are not present for your designated hours, you will be docked two hours.